10.10.10 is like the greatest day for all the couples i guess. Because they believed that it leads to eternity, everlasting love.

Was invited to boyfriend's schoolmate's wedding. Baby and I doll up for dinner and coincidence as we're both wearing white!

We're in White ;)


cute baby driving happily.

baby preparing the ang pow~

Am impressed not only on the date they chose, but the program flow is big slights of difference with the others. Eventually they played the video on how the groom proposed to the bride! Awww, isn't it sweet? I can feel the happiness in her at the moment! She burst into tears of coz! Coz the husband proposed to her in KLCC, FYI, it's shit loads of people there and it's not that easy to pull down a guy's ego and do it in public. Moi SALUTE you! You made us like,
miracles will still happened in life. LOL pathetic gile.

It reminds me my fairy tales. who don't? I believe that every gals had their dream marriage, neither do I! Well, it's simply white, in a land of greens, and that's my dream.

Imagine that there's garden surrounded by greens and flowers, a smear sound of water dripping dip by dip, joyful laughter from the kind insects, an environment which like totally get rid from the city! Straight to the point, it's like sound of music. *deep breath*

BTW, I hate restaurant wedding dinner. LOL no offense but it's too old school. Kill me for those uncle & aunties 'ham geng'(singing exotically) on the stage. Gawd! Kill me with that once again. And then, the next will be the 'yam seng' part. It's......SPEECHLESS. Sorry but NO OFFENSE. But it's not my stylo. Bahahar!

For me, I won't even do the presentation of the childhood photos all, SCRAP all. Everyone having the same thing! Then, forever will the groom & the bride is from the same primary school , okay I knew it was done by photoshop okay, there's no such thing as really THAT coincidence for all couples.

Wouldn't it be nice if you share the videos on how your another half propose to you, the steps by steps of choosing the wedding gown and photo shoot etc, so that people can feel your happiness, how sugar lovey dovey you are with your loves one. I feel it great instead of posting those dead presentation, it was like helping the studio to advertise. A BIG NO NO.

I did thought of doing all the touch up and design for all the photo shoot, but I guess it's gonna be a big hoohaa after that, so I guess I will just design the wedding card by myself. In White instead of a red card with red envelope. The outlook of it is all inside my mind =) how sweet am I~

That will be great if my groom will sing a love song with a guitar, but not all guys were into instruments. Besides, a speech of how he's into me, and giving vows to me of will love me and cherish me for the rest of his life is a berry-good thing. Bahahar *self-slap*

I wonder will it happens that my groom's propose plan will be at Paris. LOL!! It's so romantic! When I walk on the streets and suddenly the giant screen on the road shown up 'his' face and ask 'Will You Marry Me Baby?' *Scream!!!!* I will yell out YES for definitely! Muahaha.
Well, it's gonna cost a bomb. Unless I found a millionaire.

Lower cost as in other country? Acceptable geh. LOL! There's an exception, NO FACE TO FACE proposing. It's too lame. Can't show how much is her to him. A gal will definitely give a YES when it touches her heart and proving that you can tear down all your ego just because of her. Or another way to say is, it's hard to say NO in front of public. Gals always think for the guy. Hahar evil me.

There's too many dramatics of proposing and wedding style that I had day dreamed before. But it's ridiculous! As what I said, unless I married a millionaire, it might workout. Hahar! People says that marriage is a MUST for every couple after years of being together. A responsibility. A ceremony. But for moi, Marriage is another stage of the growing, another love stories, another happiness, a different white Christmas. For moi, marriage is to share the joy, tears, excitement to everyone that you know which you found your life partner, your most beloved, and your everything.

This is my White Weds. What's yours then?


I knew it's been a while this blog is DEAD.

I knew that this blog is existing STILL.

I knew there are some people click in and out just to see whether there is any sad things happened on me again. (my blog mainly is for my sad stuff, I know! I know! :p but NO MORE for now!)


That's why am here giving U the liquid of wonders *Splashing the liquid on the screen* & U shall ALIVE!

See! There goes the sunflowers growing, the skies are sweet and bluish, a sweet and energetic ladybird laying on the sunflower. Now, people, SMELL it FEEL it.

Hahar!! Okay scrap the shit talk.

Well, am so into Lomography recently. No, should be for quite long ago I'm into it but..but.... imma felt that its too expensive larh to buy those cameras, no joke! It cost you a bomb for purchasing lomo cameras, you may log in to this website http://www.theclickshop.net/ if you're like me craving for it. But baby bought me instant camera which is SO CUTE the size and its in White! I just love it so much. Appreciate it, baby *smooches*.

I name it as 'Fattie', coz it's round!

This is the first photo given birth by Fattie, isn't it cute!? Oh, we took this in car after he bought it. ILY baby.

These are others that we took in Genting. I'm so pale here for having a bad toothache =(

Last week, I spend approximately 600 in a second, YES just in a sec! Thanks to Keez Lee for tempting me to get a new lomo 'Digital Harinezumi 2' and also a color lens. Urgh! It's like thousand of elephant stepping on my heart until its burst! But luckily baby sponsor me half of it =) bahahar! The story is, we collect the lomo together and am not with too much of cash with me and he pay for it AND end up he said he pay half for wanna be part of the owner *evil grins* my heart feel better now!

Meet my 'Nightmare'

Because its black that's why the name.....Sucks! But I likeyy!! Don't care. It's VERY SMALL, and the beauty of it is it's come with the feature of digital. Save up a lot man! You can save up a lot on films and so for the printing. That's why, It's still consider worth for me.

Some of the Pics from Nightmare.

Opps! Ignore him, he's ze manager of mine. I love the smokes effects.

hehhe, a close up on my inbox, a sweet text from baby boy.

It's great to capture everywhere instead of self camwhoring. Because it's looks dumb fark when people saw you carrying the camera and say cheese to ourselves. Hahar! Coz moi tried loads of time and it's real dumb fark. Hahar!

Will post about my Bangkok trip soon lovelies! Kap Kap =)


Back!! Moi is BACK. How are you been through? What are you doing lately? What you up to recently? How is your relationship been through? Are you dead? etc etc...

Imma still very-the-healthy, very-the-happy, and most important is I haven't meet Michael Jackson yet. Am just being too lullaby~ too Lems-wannabe. (FYI, Lems=Lembap) lOl!

Moi been through tons of adventures, tons of happiness, tons of sadness, but these are the thing that made me to be a better one. Agree? At least, I learned to Wurve myself, good start biatches!

Wanted to update about my Penang Trip during Chinese New Year, but lazyness conquer moi as usual hence ta-daaa my blog seem greening with Spider-web, Dusts and Mushrooms. Rumbe Sorry peeps! For being 'Disappearrrr' for quite some time. Maybe Twitter is the only thing I've been updating contentiously, shy to say that even my Facebook was shining to the pathway of being dead. It's only one reason which cause all these happened. Opps, Sorry not about relationship nor Work but is Health. *Clear Throats* What's so curious about? Moi is 23 this year and she started to pamper herself like a 'bwincess'. So that she looks good instead of taking care herself after found out that wrinkles and sickness ruin her sweet 20th.


Yeah, I've been abnormal as moi will go to bed before a.m or latest at 1 a.m. It makes a big differences! In sense of I feel fresh for the next day and I can concentrate much on my work and of course, the cheapest skin care will do. The other differences will be am losing weight gila-ly for no reason. I eat, I drink, I sleep, Imagine am 168cm Height and I'm only 44kg now. WTH? I'm born without a sexy body-figure and it seems like a Telur Goreng-wannabe now. Ish! I agreed losing weight does affects the boops kay. I'm just being too over normal but doctor said it mainly is because my body started to be unfriendly and ignore with my consuming vitamins, so people, do take care of yourself before all these happens. I have to consume loads of medication and still I feel Farked up with my gastric problem. Gastric pain~ You are so Lucifer-wannabe! FML.

Thank God that am still young, I just need to pamper myself and built up more on my body immune and there will be a day of kicking Lucifer's ass. lOl. It works cause gaining a bitsy of weight after consuming the herbal thingy.

Relationship? Good. lOl. It doesn't affects moi much. $___$ will do! ahha! He's been a good boy so basically it's just doing good. Looking forward for 26th August! Our trip to the land am craving for long like a food. I want, want and want.

Share some updates Pics here while waiting for the next post topic by topic =D

Moi doll up for Club

Early Bird in office

Camwhore while waiting the precious one

Moi at Work

When the ladies goes wrong

The Sitao Poh Kuek Kuek

We drink together quite some time

Kerrie Beeee with NEAT Hair =P

My Wurve

Penang Lullaby

The Gang *loves*

The Disgust ones!

The Lurve ones

Will update often. Lurves.

A short glimpse and its written 1 Year 5 Days on top of my blog's banner.

I couldn't believe that we can last for a year. All I had in my mind all the time is as end of the day, we're not meant to be together.
Somehow, we did it.

We know each other for quite some time, from strangers to 'not-so-close' friend.
Time after time, we are closer friends from a normal friends.
We started to hang out in a gang whereby I found cozy and warm to be with you guys.
We started to boil our phones until porridge-wannabe.
We shared a lot, laugh a lot, and of course,
Waiting your phone calls became my daily routine.

I still remember the day when you eventually sit with me until 7 in the morning just to wait me to get my work done.
I still remember how much I had laugh that night until I cant hold my breathe.
I still remember how you shared with me about your old memoirs and stories.
I still remember how you finished your half-boiled egg by using a glass.
I still remember the way you talk to me, and how you stare at me by using your talking eyes.

Theres a lot of memories about you and me.

We're like strangers at first thou we're already a couple.
We argued a lot due to some silly issues.
We don't have faith on each other.
In short, we don't even act like a couple does.

Time flies, from arguments we know each other deeply.
You started to be patient and understand what I want.
You started to cherish me as you never did.
Days by days, You does melt me with your changes.

words for You my B,
Sometimes I'm being unreasonable and bitchy is because I do care about You.
I'm being sensitive because I'm afraid to lose you.
I'm acting 'I don't care' is just to attract your attention but doesn't really shows that I don't love you.
I might neglect you sometimes but not because that I purposely ignore nor reject you.

You, brought me lotsa laughter.
You, brought me lotsa tears.
You, brought me lotsa fear.
But, You brought me to a world whereby I learned to be more mature.

I You for giving your heart to me
and trusting me with your pride

I You for wanting me
and needing me by your side

I You for the emotions
I never knew I had

I You for your thoughts of me
where I'm always on your mind

I You for finding that part of me
that I never thought I'd find

I You for the way you are
and for how you make me feel

But most of all I You
'cuz I know you're mine for real

It's ain't easy for both different characters to get along.
Sometimes there will be an urge on me to shout ' I wanna leave you' when my blood is boiling up to my head.
But I know all these is part and parcel a couple will go through.

Your Heart is my Home
Warm, cozy and nice
It's the only place I wurve to be in
Morning, Noon and Night.
I Wurve You.

Happy Anniversary my Lurve.

Mushy Mushy~

My blog seems growing mushrooms. lOl!!

Gonna update as soon as possible ;)


Its 5:43:26 AM, and a silly girl is still awake. lOl, yeah obviously that's ME.

Nothing pretty much to do at this hour so Moi decided to BLOG-GEDD.

It's my favorite month around the corner, yeap yeap! It's ze Princess Ji's birthday. Is not really that exciting actually. Guess it won't be a fairytale night as I used to imagine, so, just let it be =). Another reason will be, am trying to ignore my age? Am getting older and older!

There's the same old moody-emo-queen mingle inside of moi, lOl, don't laugh at me as am trying to be a better one okay! But it just couldn't be Succeed. Owhh, what a sad case. It's alright, I just have to accept the so called Myself.

Just got back freshly from ze Chinese New Year trip, Penang, with my loves one. Crazy journey with 3 babes and 1 pimp =P. Theres about 300 plus of picture been taken, it's just so freaking nuts! Will gonna share the trip in here when ze MOOD is there. lOl!

Else updates? Yeap, my class started this month.
Ain't that Fun as I thought. But, at least am learning something and I can get a better offer and more opportunity as well. Why not right? Since it's just so-no-harm at all.

Night job? Long story to go, just share some funny stuff here then.
Am wondering Why Mixed-Girl dislike me. WHY?
I mean those girls that alike with me, somehow they are Chindian or what ever Eurasian,


There's a girl working together with me (I don't even know who the hell is her) shows that she's effing HATES me. Her body-language tells every single thing. It's so annoying that she tried to talk bad bout me in front of the others. She even tag along her bestie to Ignore me!


Here goes the reason, one of my regular customer, or I should say a good friend of moi (Kinda close with me, as we shared quite a lot) is her EX. *Bop...*

Is so BITCH. We're just friends that can share a lot, but she treated me as her enemy. "Girls sometimes can be so evil due to envies and selfishness" and it's so true. In other words for you girl, you're so naive. He's no longer your boy, what the hell are you envy-ing? Somehow he just treated me as a normal friend. OMG. *Slap Slap* You're too sensitive!!


This incidence recalls me another mixed-girl as well, she hates me just because I am close to her bestie Well we name her bestie as 'Ms C'. Okay, it's not my fault. I didn't snatch Ms C from you. It's just because of your jealousy and naive thoughts. Sad is, Ms C did obviously avoid and getting far from me due to part of this.

Am actually kinda heartache, but I respect Ms C. =) No point letting her to stuck in the middle.

But eventually you go and simply gossip and talk bad me in front of a love bird that am having affair with ze BF, YOU,
Yes YOU, ruin a couple's relationship. I knew it after a long period when I know the love bird been separated. You annoyed me. I felt bad to ze BF when he called me up and told me the whole incidence.

I've told myself that, I can't accept You and of course you are not worth to be a friend. Not even be a normal friend of mine.

I know am kinda action for those who doesn't knows me well, try not to judge me before knowing me. If you don't accept me, Just effing get a life of your own, and stop barking like a nuts!

WHY PEOPLE CAN BE SO STUPID? May God bless them.

Was using my boy's spare phone as my Strawberry is outta battery. Sony Ericsson, you know, when you text someone, and send it, there's a list of the previous numbers to choose. There's a very familiar phone number I saw (I did not intent to memorize, which I really don't, but ze number is just too easy to recognize).

Curiosity, you can't blame me.

I browse thru his phonebook. And BINGO, Her name is disappear. There's few possibilities.

First - He's trying to be Smart-ass, whereby I wouldn't know who is the owner of ze number and so he can text or call anytime he wants and not afraid that the bitch (me) will notice it. (It's so stupid, but it's better than my Ex did, which my Ex eventually just change the name of ze girl in short form.)

Second - As what he said, He don't want to keep his PAST TENSE. (Okay, acceptable maybe? But why is the phone number appears? If you wouldn't wanna keep the PAST TENSE with you, there will be no such number appearing anymore in your life, agree? Just like I still kept my EX phone number and of course in his real name as well, AND sometimes I'm actually forgot he's still existing if I didnt really browse thru my phonebook. lOl.)

Hmm, I didnt asked for any explanations until I used his current phone Blackberry Bold to called up my agent, and I saw ze 'Familiar' phone number exist AGAIN.
While we're chatting and bugging nonsense at night, in a sudden, I came out a question for him.

'B, Why you deleted her phone number?'

He told me the first reason stated above. Which is the past tense thingy, and I 'ZA' him back with ze second reason. And he said 'You girls, delete Kena, not delete Kena again, what larrrhhh'. lOl, you can't blame, girls is the most complicated creature, they think beyond than guys did.

And he came out with a lot things that he actually intent not to let moi knows about it.

Which is : the girl will still call him.
The girl is actually giving him signal to court her back as she's back to single.
The girl called and requested to throw a visit during chinese new year, and he rejected with the reason because am with him.

Okay Girl,
you're not blind or deaf. You should know that he's attached, but why are you doing all this nonsense? Maybe you're no longer young, and you need a stable guy, to settle down, yeap, he drove big car now and earn more than before BUT you're the one who give up the relationship, you're the one who choose to fish for rich guy and you barely tried your best to get untag from him, and now you are back for him after trying different relationships.


I can't comment much, cause I knew it from one side, maybe it's not real? who knows? Cause 'Guys is always the best actor in the world'. Am not really care, just that I felt terrified with ze Girls nowadays, it disgust me.

Girls are so evil when they intent to reach something, they will use all sort of method in order to succeed. Thou am a girl, but still I would like to said


Jingle Bells!

Jingle bells Jingle Bells Jingle Hell Yeah!

Kissaten, located in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.

Hell yeah! My Jingle Bells Day spend in this particular restaurant which really had a warm environment thou. Moi with her valentines!

Isn't it looks good? The weird Pizza I had ever seen in my life, which is with a cold egg on top, name as '温泉蛋'. Japanese stylo perhaps.

Salted pork Spagetti, yummy aha, but Moi doesn't really rate for this as the pork is so flabby.

Seafood Spaghetti

Moi's meal of the night Salmon Spaghetti. I wurve grill Salmon! Rated 5 stars!

Tadaaaa! My valentines! lOl, my gosh am so lucky thou.

Well, they're my heroes only larh, I don't really attracts so many bees in fact! lOl!

My babes Beee Kerry & Bi Yin

The Disturbia, he's a nagger! Trust me.

The sweethearts whereby 24/7 stays close to my Heart.

I Wurve Them.

Must be thinking why am not spending with my real valentines, he's working on the Christmas day, but it's alright and we did spend great time during the eve at Genting. Will share bout my new year eve up next =)


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