10.10.10 is like the greatest day for all the couples i guess. Because they believed that it leads to eternity, everlasting love.

Was invited to boyfriend's schoolmate's wedding. Baby and I doll up for dinner and coincidence as we're both wearing white!

We're in White ;)


cute baby driving happily.

baby preparing the ang pow~

Am impressed not only on the date they chose, but the program flow is big slights of difference with the others. Eventually they played the video on how the groom proposed to the bride! Awww, isn't it sweet? I can feel the happiness in her at the moment! She burst into tears of coz! Coz the husband proposed to her in KLCC, FYI, it's shit loads of people there and it's not that easy to pull down a guy's ego and do it in public. Moi SALUTE you! You made us like,
miracles will still happened in life. LOL pathetic gile.

It reminds me my fairy tales. who don't? I believe that every gals had their dream marriage, neither do I! Well, it's simply white, in a land of greens, and that's my dream.

Imagine that there's garden surrounded by greens and flowers, a smear sound of water dripping dip by dip, joyful laughter from the kind insects, an environment which like totally get rid from the city! Straight to the point, it's like sound of music. *deep breath*

BTW, I hate restaurant wedding dinner. LOL no offense but it's too old school. Kill me for those uncle & aunties 'ham geng'(singing exotically) on the stage. Gawd! Kill me with that once again. And then, the next will be the 'yam seng' part. It's......SPEECHLESS. Sorry but NO OFFENSE. But it's not my stylo. Bahahar!

For me, I won't even do the presentation of the childhood photos all, SCRAP all. Everyone having the same thing! Then, forever will the groom & the bride is from the same primary school , okay I knew it was done by photoshop okay, there's no such thing as really THAT coincidence for all couples.

Wouldn't it be nice if you share the videos on how your another half propose to you, the steps by steps of choosing the wedding gown and photo shoot etc, so that people can feel your happiness, how sugar lovey dovey you are with your loves one. I feel it great instead of posting those dead presentation, it was like helping the studio to advertise. A BIG NO NO.

I did thought of doing all the touch up and design for all the photo shoot, but I guess it's gonna be a big hoohaa after that, so I guess I will just design the wedding card by myself. In White instead of a red card with red envelope. The outlook of it is all inside my mind =) how sweet am I~

That will be great if my groom will sing a love song with a guitar, but not all guys were into instruments. Besides, a speech of how he's into me, and giving vows to me of will love me and cherish me for the rest of his life is a berry-good thing. Bahahar *self-slap*

I wonder will it happens that my groom's propose plan will be at Paris. LOL!! It's so romantic! When I walk on the streets and suddenly the giant screen on the road shown up 'his' face and ask 'Will You Marry Me Baby?' *Scream!!!!* I will yell out YES for definitely! Muahaha.
Well, it's gonna cost a bomb. Unless I found a millionaire.

Lower cost as in other country? Acceptable geh. LOL! There's an exception, NO FACE TO FACE proposing. It's too lame. Can't show how much is her to him. A gal will definitely give a YES when it touches her heart and proving that you can tear down all your ego just because of her. Or another way to say is, it's hard to say NO in front of public. Gals always think for the guy. Hahar evil me.

There's too many dramatics of proposing and wedding style that I had day dreamed before. But it's ridiculous! As what I said, unless I married a millionaire, it might workout. Hahar! People says that marriage is a MUST for every couple after years of being together. A responsibility. A ceremony. But for moi, Marriage is another stage of the growing, another love stories, another happiness, a different white Christmas. For moi, marriage is to share the joy, tears, excitement to everyone that you know which you found your life partner, your most beloved, and your everything.

This is my White Weds. What's yours then?